2016 Frequently-Asked Questions

  1. What is Summer Adventures Day camp?

    Summer Adventures is the only day camp in the Northwest that provides door-to-door transportation. We are a completely mobile camp with no central location or facility because we don't need one. We go on field trips every day of the week. Summer Adventures has been in operation since 1999.

  2. Does door-to-door service mean you actually come to my house?

    Yes! Parents love the fact they don't have to travel to drop off their child, and kids love it because of our busy schedule.

  3. What is the age range of Summer Adventures?

    Our main day camp program is for kids ages 5-13. Our Xtreme day camp program is for kids ages 9-13. We also have a Junior Counselor program for teens ages 14-16.

  4. How many campers are in a van?

    We can have a maximum of 14 campers in our vans.

  5. What time is pick-up and drop-off?

    Pick-up begins at 8:00am and drop-off begins at 4:00pm. If your child has not been picked up by 9:15am or dropped off by 5:15pm, you should call the office. You can help by having your child ready to go by 8:00am. If your schedule is not flexible, each route will have a designated early pick up spot in your area at 8:00am. This spot may change week to week, but we try to stay as consistent as possible. You must call the office and notify us if you intend to use this option.

  6. You want my child ready to leave at 8:00am but you might not be at my house until 9:00am?

    Assuming that a van is full and every child took 4 minutes to get into the van, a route would take 42 minutes longer than it should. You can help us by having your child ready to go by 8:00am. By 8:00am your child should be dressed with their shoes on, their breakfast eaten, their lunch made, their backpack packed and ready to go. We do not want campers waiting for us outside. They should however be in a place where they can see the van. (On the couch watching TV and keeping an eye out for us, in their room reading a book by the window, etc) Our goal is to spend 1 minute or less at your house. You can help us maintain shorter route times by having your child ready at 8:00am.

  7. Do you guarantee pick up and drop off times?

    No. Due to the complex logistics of door-to-door service, we cannot guarantee pick-up and drop-off times.

  8. Can you pick up my child at my work?

    Yes. As long as it is ok with your boss, it is ok with us.

  9. Can pick up and drop off locations be different?

    No. To keep route times as consistent as possible, pick up and drop off locations have to be the same.

  10. What areas do you service?

    Our door-to-door service includes the Northshore, and parts of the Lake Washington and Bellevue school Districts. The zip codes we service are: 98004, 98005, 98007, 98008, 98009, 98015, 98011, 98012, 98020, 98021, 98026, 98028, 98033, 98034, 98036, 98037, 98039, 98041, 98043, 98046, 98072, 98077, 98087, 98082, 98083, 98296

  11. If we don't live in your pick up area, are there any options?

    Yes! We have locations that you can drop off and pick up your child. Please check out our boundary map for more information

  12. Can I request that my child go in the same van as a friend?

    The only way to guarantee that friends will be in the same van is if they are picked up at the same location.

  13. Are kids picked up according to age?

    Campers are picked up geographically.

  14. What if my child is bullied by another child?

    Bullying behavior is not tolerated at Summer Adventures Day Camp. We have a camp "Golden Rule" that states "Every child must feel safe and wanted at camp." If your child feels bullied for any reason you should contact your child's counselor and they will work with you to solve the problem.

  15. What is the ratio of counselors to campers?

    We have a 1:13 adult to camper ratio and a 1:7 staff to camper ratio. Staff include 14-16 year old junior counselors.

  16. Do you screen your staff?

    Yes. We run a criminal background check on all counselors. We also run complete drivers abstract to check for moving violations. All counselors must be 25 years or old.

  17. Are lunches and snacks provided?

    No. Parents must provide lunches and snacks. We recommend that parents send insulated coolers with their kids.

  18. What else should my child bring to camp?

    Every camper should bring a swimsuit, a towel, and a pair of socks every day. Feet wear should be appropriate to that day's field trip.

  19. Can my child bring items such as mp3 players and video games to camp?

    Yes, but they can only use them while en route to and from field trips. They will not be allowed to take electronics out of the vehicles. Summer Adventures is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

  20. What do the kids do when they are not on field trips?

    Between field trips, we will be at local parks for lunch. During these times, the staff will put out activities for the kids to do when they are done eating. There will also be time when we are at the park for a field trip. During those times, we have specific pre-planned activities that we want our campers to do.

  21. What if it rains?

    If it is an outdoor field trip, we will try to switch it with an indoor field trip that we are supposed to do later in the week. If it is lightly raining but warm outside, we may continue with the planned activity. The director will make the call if a field trip needs to be changed.

  22. Can my child be left home alone?

    "Latchkey Kids" According to state law, sets no age for a child to be home alone. Summer Adventures will drop-off kids without a responsible caretaker provided you sign a waiver that releases Summer Adventures from liability. We would prefer that an adult be home, but also realize that it may be impossible for some parents to arrange it. Summer Adventures reserves the right to determine that a child is not ready to be left home alone.

  23. How will I know that you really will be at my house if I sign up?

    You can sign in to your Summer Adventures account anytime to make sure you have been confirmed for a given week. The week before your camp begins, a message letting you know you have scheduled camps will pop up in your account. The weekend before your start date, your account will display your order of pick up as well as who the counselor will be.

  24. Are there any deposits?

    There are no deposits but a non-refundable registration fee of $60 is required at the time of sign-up.

  25. Why do you charge a registration fee?

    The registration fee is important! All monies collected from the registration fee pays for the operating expenses between February 1st and the start of camp.

  26. Do I have to sign up for the whole summer?

    No. Summer Adventures is weekly based so that you and your child can pick out the weeks that interest them the most. You can sign up for one week, or the whole summer, it is up to you!

  27. Are there any other fees than tuition?

    We have a per child per summer registration fee of $60.00. There is a fuel surcharge of $5.00 per week per child if the cost of gas is above $3.24 a gallon.

  28. How do I register?

    Registration is easy. You can click on "Register for camp" along the top menu of our website and do it yourself, or you can call us 425-486-6259 and we can get you started.

  29. Should I tell my friends about you?

    Absolutely! We are proud of our program and the services we provide to you and your family. You can help us grow by spreading the word about us.

Our online registration system will walk you through the steps necessary to enroll in our camp programs for all seasons. If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact us at 425-486-6259.